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D*mn Good Workout Classes - London

We all know that getting an absolute SWEAT ON is one of the best ways to feel like a boss babe in seconds and so we have selected some of our favourite classes that will have skipping and singing down the street in no time.


The repetitive motion of pedaling can be meditative and calming, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, the high-energy music and group setting of most spinning classes can boost endorphins and improve mood. See below two of our favourite classes:

1 Rebel - St Marys Axe. The boujiest gym that will leave you feeling like an absolute celeb when you walk out of the class. We love to attend their morning classes to kickstart the day


Rumble gym - Tuesday 7.30 am class - Melvin Brewley

This instructor is an absolute BEAST. Not only is the class 10/10 for toughness but he is raps to the music as we go along. The energy is next level.


Run & HIIT classes

1 rebel - reshape - St Marys Axe - if you're looking to test your fitness levels, this class is the one for you. They will have running at speed you never thought you could do and lifting weights that will leave you feeling strong AF. Not for the faint hearted.


F45 BIG fan of these classes. F45 Training is a high-intensity, interval-based group training concept that combines functional movements in a 45-minute circuit style session, helping you to achieve your fitness goals whether you are a beginner or expert-level fitness consumer. The energy is these classes is 10/10 and will have you sweating in no time.



If you're looking both a stretch and endorphin hit, then HOT yoga is the one for you. Personally, we love the Hot Pod yoga classes - stepping into the pod makes you feel like you stepping out of reality and fully immersing yourself into an hour of pure you time.

Hot Pod The heat makes the heart and lungs work a little harder – helping you burn more calories, and giving you a great cardio workout. Warmth also increases flexibility – easing joints and muscles and helping prevent injury. Finally… well, it’s just bloody dreamy!



There is only 1 studio you must attend for a 10/10 Barre workout and experience…


A modern take on traditional barre, our barre classes are designed to sculpt your body, boost your metabolism, and challenge your mind. Through a series of challenging combinations, you will strengthen the muscles in your legs, bum, arms and abs to leave you feeling leaner and longer. The classes use gliders, bands and weighted balls to engage you in a controlled and powerful full-body workout that increases muscle definition, burns body fat and reduces stress. ********Seriously hot stuff.

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