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Are your products plant-based?

Yes, all of our products are plant-based. We’re certified with the vegan society.

What does clean-label mean?

Our products are free from ALL artificial ingredients & flavouring. We stand strongly against the use of processed & artificial ingredients in products.

Is your packaging recyclable?

YES! We only use FULLY recyclable packaging - you can recycle our packs in your own bins at home.

Are you products suitable for someone who is gluten intolerant?

Yes! We are certified gluten-free.

How long do your products last?

From the date of manufacture, we have a 12 month shelf life! Which is amazing considering we don’t use any preservatives to make them stay fresher for longer. Once opened, we recommend consuming within 3 days.


How long does it take to ship?

From purchase, we will always send your order out the next day with a shipping time of 1-2 days. In total, you can expect your order to arrive 3 days from purchase.

Where is my order?

Orders placed by 12pm will be shipped that day and we advise postal timelines to be 2-3 days from shipment. Orders placed at 12pm, will be shipped the next day.

Should your order not have arrived within that window, please do contact us with your shoplift order number!


What is ‘Sweet it Forward’?

We are encouraging people to be generous with their love for others. We’re asking you to look after the people in your life, to uplift them when they are having a bad day, to remind them that they are Damn Good enough. Why not start today? Give them a call or even better, send them a box and personalise a message to them.

Why are you called Damn Good?

Because we are your daily reminder that you are DAMN GOOD enough. 

We create D*MN GOOD cookies for D*MN GOOD moments.

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