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Social media accounts to follow for boosting D*mn Good feels

In a world that is revolved around social media, it can often bombard us with negative news and stressful content, it's essential to organise your online experience to include a healthy dose of positivity and inspiration. Social media, when used mindfully, can be a powerful tool for boosting your mood and overall well-being.

We suggested curating and selecting your feed, and following accounts that inspire you and make you feel uplifted rather than driving you down with negative thoughts.

Be mindful of how you feel when using social media. Take a moment and refocus on something pleasant or relaxing if you feel negative emotions such as jealousy, worry, or anxiety. Practising mindfulness, taking a deep breath, and realigning oneself to positive ideas is a fantastic approach to achieving this.

Another option is to engage positively, leaving encouraging comments, likes, and shares on topics that resonate with you, and on posts that you see that uplift your spirits. Spread encouragement and kindness, by sharing your own good experiences, ideas, and achievements, and encourage others in their efforts.

Avoid Making Comparisons with others is another key aspect in boosting the damn good feels, Keep in mind that social media frequently portrays a managed and idealised image of people's life. Avoid comparing yourself to others, and keep in mind that what you perceive may not be accurate.

Unplug on a regular basis: Take breaks from social media on a regular basis, such as weekends, we call this the 'social media detox'. Use this time to do things that make you happy and relax.

here are some influencers that will make you feel damn good



@iskra (Iskra Lawrence)

@thebirdspapaya (Sarah Nicole Landry)



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